Asset Finance

Get financing to purchase assets such as vehicles, motorcycles, tractors and pickups.

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For one to apply for any loan product, the following shall be mandatory requirements:-

About this product

To finance acquisition of assets and the asset shall be co-owned by the member and the NACICO Sacco until completion of the loan.

  1. Custody of the title of the asset shall be held by the society. The title shall be registered and the power of attorney attached.
  2. The SACCO shall carry out independent valuation of the property before entering into an agreement by the loanee.
  3. Movable assets shall be repayable in 36 months while non-movable property shall be repayable for a maximum period of 72months.
  4. Interest 14% per month. That the SACCO shall finance up to 70% of the total cost of the asset. 30% shall be deposited prior by the member to the SACCO.
  5. If it’s a vehicle it should be not more than 10years since date of manufacture,
  6. The car shall be comprehensively insured, and the SACCO shall note its insurable interest in the insurance cover,
  7. The SACCO shall not finance startup business.

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